21 September 2007

on how time flies

Oh, wow... that was a really long break, huh?

I have just one thing to say: when you have two schools to go to, an life-threatning exam every week, and then 3 months of work 7 days a week... you don't write about the fun you have... you just go and spend a good time :)

Which is almost what I've been doing. The thing is, fun is everywhere. Over the past half year I've learned this: when you have fun, you learn, and when you learn, you "open" and new thinking path, which leads to new ideas of fun. So, although I haven't been exactly funhaving (the way I have understood it when I first started this blog), I have been using my creativity so that I can enjoy each day... or... almost all of them :)

For instance: For the past 3 months, I've been working in a snack kiosk. There are only few options (hot dogs, waffles, chips, beverages and sometimes ice-cream), the prices are WAY too high (7$ for a hot dog...), it is always slow and I work alone. So basically, it's 8 hours of talking to yourself and enjoying your own company. It gets boring after 2 weeks. At some point you've read all the books you have and solved all the sudoku in the world. So, what do you do? Die of boredom? WRONG!

Three days ago I learned how to knit. Alright, I'm still learning. Boring you say? Ok... well... I bought some tools and accessories and am making my own jewelry. Too girly? How about drawing your own comic book, where you get to make your boss a villain, practice your drawing skills and work on your creative imagination? Compose your own songs? Write poems? Still not good enough for you? Then think of something that you can do that will make your time worthwhile and appropriate for your workplace. And don't say that's impossible. The longer you say that, the harder it will be to think otherwise. Pure psychology.

At home I discovered in me an ability to experiment with food AND cook something good. So, some 2 months ago, every day I would explore my culinary abilities. Anyone has any idea how fun and satisfying it is to simply make up a dish, try to make it, and find it is even better than you expected it to be? And above that, have others like what you made? It took me two, maybe three years to develop my basic culinary skills. Not that they are great. :) But it's enough to have a hell of a time!

Wanna know something else? It's still summer, right? Last night it snowed. :) Kinda gives a kick in looking for fun - whether you are happy about the snow or not!

05 April 2007

more on hugging

You how sometimes you have that feeling of needing something? One simple thing that will make you feel so much better?

So I've been having that lately. I still have that. But you know what's funny about it: these feelings are usually... how would you call it... healthy? What your body needs is what you want to have. My biology teacher from high school once showed my class a table of diets according to specific blood groups. We looked at it an d came to the conclusion that your own body knows what you need best.
And so I haven't been having much fun lately. If you worry all the time, the fun part comes hard. Well, everyone has ups and downs... and so today I read an article on hugging. Apparently, it's REALLY healthy...

...isn't it ironic? Lately I haven't been feeling to healthy...

So now I'm thinking this: I need to organize Free Hugs somewhere...

10 March 2007

on can-kicking

Today I went to the cinema. I saw some really good Polish film... for the first time in a long time... A very smart one as well...

Anyway, me and my mom go to the garage, we look for the car, because of course we never remember where it is. I once had a friend who's mom's car was called Clementine. Whenever they couldn't find it, they started singing "Oh My Darling Clementine"...

Well, so today we entered the garage and just went in front of us. We noticed a guard on the side, he found an empty beer can and squashed it. We keep moving. Then we hear him kicking the can. We observe how he walks to the poor metal object, steps on it, maybe jumps on it, and kicks it again.

Finally, we see the car and for no reason at all *cough*, we walk faster. While we're at it, in the back we hear how the maltreated beer can flies from one part of the garage to the other... You could almost hear the can crying for mercy, while the guard was loudly thinking "It had it coming! Keep outta my way! I'm telling you! You're asking for it again!"

... if you ever find yourself in a position of having to amuse yourself like this... keep looking for a better job...

08 March 2007

about the unknown

Today one of my teachers said something like this:

Maybe I'll be fiddling all my life in attempt to answer a question I do not know the answer to. That's what makes science fun.

You know... he's so right. The fun part about having fun is that you never know what the outcome is going to be. It may perhaps be very disappointing, but it's worth the while.

Do yourself a favor and don't be one of those "idea killers"!!! Take the risk of participating in something no one knows how will end! But if you must: make yourself a table of pros and cons!

07 March 2007

when you prepare to have fun...

well... I bought an airline ticket for the summer... I've been jumping up and down from happiness so long, my legs feel so sore...

I leave in a little over 3 months. As I've mentioned already, spring has stepped in big-time. Three days ago my mom got a pot flower as a gift. It was so small and who knew it would grow 5 times its size and bloom after 3 days? So, the atmosphere is really fresh... and enhances positive thoughts. Me for example, I'm planning what to pack already. Insane. But the planning feels so so good!!!

Perhaps some of you noticed, some of you not: we tend to get more pleasure out of planning than actually doing the thing we planned. Like vacation: we always expect it to be the best one ever. There is even a psychological explanation for it, actually... more than just one :) But some part of this is due to motivation... as I've just learned yesterday at my first "Emotions and Motivation" lecture :D

So here's what I'm thinking. If you're planning something fun, preparing for something exciting, but you don't feel at all happy about what you're doing to make it work... why even bother? If you are forcing yourself to be motivated, you won't feel any happier when you get to the spot you've been going to. Is it worth being THAT disappointed?

02 March 2007

say hello to...

a whole new month! Yeah! Over here in this eastern part of central Europe, the weather has changed. Spring is coming! Yeah!

Ahh... that cool, but not cold breeze... Those birds you can hear in the morning... That feeling that although you're dead tired, you feel sooo good... Yeah!

I'm gonna turn on the radio and listen to good music. No one's looking, I can dance just the way I like it! Yeah!

19 February 2007

Take Five

tebi duba
tabi daba tibudu da
taba didu da bap
badi dadi fa dap

saba dide
fidla dadu tazibi ba
bada sebi du wap
zubi fedlzi zap

taba tabap
faza diwap....

18 February 2007


It's what gets us motivated and started. The important thing is to know where to find it. I'll share with you the things that make me want to go wild.

  1. good music - and I mean GOOD music. The ambitious kind. Classic and jazz is great, but the best of all is: music from the childhood. Nothing gets you on your two feet better than songs you danced to as a kid. Seriously.
  2. coffee... - need I say more? OK.: some chocolate only makes it better!
  3. weather - this is a country where good weather is quite rare. I've heard we're the only place in the world that shows air pressure on weather reports. So I say: if you wake up and feel it could be a good day to be active: don't wait for your feet to jump out of bed for you.
  4. food - you can either buy it or make your own dish... both can be a good idea. I've been told that a single grape can give you lots of energy. I agree. Fruits and vegetables are my favorite energizers. And if you eat good you feel good. But don't eat too much! Remember that after big meals your blood flows in the brain-stomach direction! You don't want to feel sleepy, now do ya? ;)
  5. sports - ...or simple walks even :) go out and, do some exercise and breathe. An hour walk can be a good time to observe the people around you... and come up with a genius plan... hehe...
  6. memories - come on, all of us have had unique moments in our lives... would it really hurt to do a "remake"? Sure, the sequels are never as good as the first part... but you can always change some small elements... and you're ready to go! How to manipulate ideas (with an example of the new - not necessarily better - version of 'Charades'):
    • change an element (if you use time limits: set a time minimum)
    • change the setting/instruments (instead of showing with hands or writing/drawing with pens: use flowers)
    • reverse something (only one person is guessing: the rest is showing)
    • scramble two elements (first start showing something, then decide what the topic is)
    • add an element (if the person guesses before the time minimum - all the rest has to do push-ups)
    • omit an element (don't choose who's supposed to guess: someone start doing something and the last person to join in - has to guess what the hell is going on)
    • ...?...
  7. friends and/or family - in short: brainstorming! And - one who might have an idea for fun may find people to join!
  8. strangers - who knows!
  9. love - ....mmmh....
If you have any other ideas.... please share! :)

learn about free hugs...

...it's touching :)

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